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Pre-Nursing School - How to Realize the Rewards of Nursing

Nursing began since the early Christian-era when sympathetic Church members provided health-care to the sick person's physical body apart for their care for the person's spiritual-wellness. Proper hygiene and comfort-needs were just among the focus of the early Christian nurses as part of their mission. Nowadays though, people may no longer need to see nursing as a religious-responsibility in order to realize the society's need for health-care providers.

It's a sad thing that most people these days only pursue a nursing profession because of the great range of career opportunities that it offers. Some graduates from the developing Asian countries like the Philippines are going back to school to enroll in a fast-track nursing degree leaving the profession they've practiced for years in order to grasp the multitude of career options that a nursing degree promises.

Most pre-nursing school tips given only focus on the convenience of taking nursing as a profession. To bring back the rewards of nursing, all individuals pursuing the career must leave for the moment the financial-practical drive and find devotion in the following nursing school tips aiming to recognize and appreciate the humanitarian-theme of the health-care profession:

Pre-Nursing School - Tips To Realize the Rewards of Nursing:

The first pre-nursing school tips is to have a good understanding of the profession. The American Nurses Association now defines Nursing as "the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential health problems." Nursing is a fulfilling discipline focused on service and on assisting individuals to attain and maintain their optimal-health.

Second of the most important pre-nursing school tips is to know the historical-foundation of nursing. Knowing the beginnings of nursing allows future nurses to realize the true nature and need of the profession. Historically, more women have chosen nursing as a career leading to the misconception that nursing is a career exclusively for women. There have been statistics though showing gradual increase of male nurses implying that all has a human responsibility for caring.

Statistics also show that since 2000, there has been a relative increase in the median-age of nurses in the US (previously nurses ages 40-below), indicating an older nursing population and fewer young nurses entering the profession. This shall push the youth in entering the profession knowing that they are needed to replace the older generation of nurses.

Also, experts have predicted and revealed that years from now, the majority of the total world-population will consist of older people. Those who were born in the 'Baby-Boomers'-Period are aging altogether hence more nurses and caregivers are needed particularly those in the gerontological-field.

The total world-population itself has excessively increased leaving a general nurse-shortage in the health-care arena. Hence nursing-shortage is a worldwide phenomenon. [next...]

In addition, most hospitals these days are having more and more sophisticated intensive-care-units notably as part of the typical patient's therapy, raising the need for skilled and specialized nurses.

Finally, nurse-staffing have become the vital indicator to assess the excellence of hospital-care. Statistics indicate that nurse-shortage can be a major cause of higher morbidity (death)-rates in hospitals. Thus, nursing shortages must be resolved first and foremost.

It may be true that well-paying jobs for those having a nursing degree are available in every city of the developed countries. Yet nursing is an excellent career choice not only because of the financial-compensation it offers. Nursing will always be more of a humanitarian responsibility dealing more with compassion rather than mechanics.

The pre-nursing school tips mentioned above are not bare issues about nursing as a changing profession. It is more about life itself and how nurses are (and must be) deeply-valued.

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