Tuesday, November 5, 2013

4 Main Benefits of Industrial Storage Racks

Warehouse racking is a critical part of any business's inventory management system. Products need to be organized for ease of access and need to be stored in a way that limits potential damage. There are many styles and shapes of industrial storage racks that are specific to each and every business's needs. Major distributors with high storage needs require systems of either bolt or welded construction, ease of material handling and most importantly require industrial storage racks that are quality built, and made to last. Below are four popular rack styles, and their key benefits.

1. Drive In/Thru Industrial Storage Racks

Drive in - uses the last in first out principle (LIFO) and is usually built against a wall. Products are stored together in this tunnel, and there is only one entrance to the aisle to either place products for storage, or remove them for delivery.

Drive Thru - uses the first in first out principle (FIFO), storage is organized into bays of similar products, one end for inbound product storage and one end for retrieving the outbound delivery.

Drive In/Thru systems are extremely popular for condensing the same products together, while allowing for the ease of placement or removal of products when necessary.

2. Carton Flow Industrial Storage Racks

This rack style has roller tracks and a very strong bedding for easy movement of boxes and heavy materials. There are carton flow beds, skate wheel beds and mini conveyers which are each designed for specific product characteristics, while allowing for easy transport around the warehouse. These racks are highly customizable to suit specific business needs, and are excellent for small to middle sized products.

3. Push Back Industrial Storage Racks

Push back storage racks are similar to drive in racking, although this system allows for pallets to automatically move forward to the end of the aisle. This removes the need of forklifts to have to enter the aisle, thanks to its gravity fed cart system. This method adds convenience to any LIFO operation.

4. Selective Pallet Rack

Selective pallet racks are the most commonly used industrial storage racks on the market. There are many styles including double deep racks, very narrow aisle racks, retail fixture racks and pick racks. Each model being a slight variation from the next, they are all extremely customizable racks for use in almost any setting. This style of storage system can be used in a small backroom to a large scale logistics warehouse. Its overall simplicity, strength and customization accounts for its large scale popularity.

Overall Benefits

Industrial storage racks are highly customizable for your specific business needs, they are of a quality steel build and keep your inventory organized and safe. They are the standard for operational storage needs. They work for any sized industry and can be assembled to fit into any space. These racks are the backbone to a business operation, and without proper organizational storage a business cannot succeed.

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