Tuesday, November 5, 2013

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going! How To Stand Out From The Crowd

Oh boy it is tough in the marketplace today, whether you are a freelancer, running a business or looking for a job. It can be all too easy to get stuck at these times. Repeated rejection, the need to stretch yourself way outside your comfort zone are all triggers that can lead you into negativity and procrastination - putting off the actions you know you need to take right now. It is fear that holds us back from the success we deserve. I know, I've been there!

So what is it you need to succeed when the going gets tough?

Firstly you need to stand out from the crowd. To do that you need to face your fears and take action. When the 'Tough Get Going' it is the action they take that leads to their success. Winners do what losers don't! So here are some action tips for you to consider:

    • Accept that rejection is part of moving forward - No-one likes rejection but winners accept it as part of the process. They do not take it personally; they look at what they can learn from it and move on to the next possible opportunity. Each rejection is a step closer to you landing a great opportunity.

    • Stop looking the world and life negativity - When you are looking at the negativity you are missing the positive opportunities that are definitely out there even if they are in short supply right now. Don't let negativity hold you back.

    • Stop the negativity and the moaning - We all do it but it only stops us succeeding. Prospective clients and employers pick up on negative vibes (it's like they have a sixth sense) and it definitely influences their decision. If you have to moan always end it with a positive action you can make to move forward.

    • Actively look for the positives and for opportunities - Every morning and every evening make a list in a journal or in your mind of all the positive things that are happening in your life. Can't think of any? Start with the fact that you woke up this morning and that you have your health. Count your blessings every day no matter how small.

    • Get into the habit of doing some positive self- talk - Script your day by thinking of all the positive things that will happen to you that day. Better still, play it all as a film in your head of everything going well. Make it as detailed as possible and do it every day. Check out and note how much more positive your day is when you do this. Add it to your 'Blessings List'.

    • Stop procrastinating - Identify what is stopping you from taking the action needed to move you forward. Decide what is in your circle of influence to change or action. Start taking action no matter how scary it is.

  • Identify the actions that will take you out of your comfort zone - these are the ones you procrastinate about the most. Winners know that this is where the learning is and also the success. Make these the first actions of the day - feel the fear and do it anyway.

Take action now! Stand out from the crowd and fulfil your potential.

Chrissie Webber is the manager of the University of South Wales, Graduate Business Incubator Centre, The Business Loft in Newport, South Wales. With over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur Chrissie also runs her management development and coaching business CD Consultancy & Training Group and Chrissie Designs Jewellery a wire work and wedding jewellery business.

She is a published author - Weight Loss life Gain - and an ardent blogger. Her passion is helping people grow and develop and find the work they were born to do.

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