Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Features And Functions Of Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are used for a wide range of purposes in construction sites, commercial, agricultural and mining sectors. This equipment is basically used to move bulk materials from one place to another effortlessly. There are several companies which manufacture different types of elevators and accessories.

Significant Features:

These elevators are generally used to move and handle materials in a large scale. These devices are similar to conveyor belts with buckets attached to it and it can be used to move the materials in a horizontal and vertical manner according to its designs. It is designed in a specific manner so that it can collect the materials quite easily from the ground. The buckets are designed in a manner so that the contents are seldom spilled out.


The vertical bucket elevators are among the most commonly used devices. It is the basic model in which the elevator moves and dumps the materials in the required space and then the empty bucket returns to the original position for refilling. These devices facilitate in better movement of goods and materials. As these devices are purely mechanical, it hardly requires any human intervention for efficient operation.

Today there are sophisticated elevator machines which can be used to load and unload materials at specific intervals. Most of these devices are safe to operate as it includes conveyor belts instead of chains. The rate of elevation depends on various factors such as design, speed and capacity of the buckets.

In addition to vertical elevators, there are various other types of devices which can be used to elevate materials easily. Modern elevating devices utilize plastic buckets and rubber belts.

Majority of these devices are designed to function continuously and consistently as frequent start and stop functions can cause damages and spills. It can also reduce the efficiency of the device in various ways. For simple and ample procedure, it is essential to operate these machines for specific period of time.

However, these devices also include emergency stop settings to shut down the device if there are problems. Modern devices are designed to turn off automatically as it is sensitive to blockages.

Bucket elevators include a wide range of beneficial features such as less maintenance, low driving power, high hoisting height, easy and smooth transportation of goods, bulk conveying capacity, different ranges of lifting, reliability and stability, wide usage in different industries and so forth.

It is essential to ensure that these elevators function appropriately so it should be maintained regularly. Cleaning the equipment is quite essential to ensure smooth operational functions. The parts of the equipment should be lubricated appropriately so that it performs optimally for a longer period of time. The buckets should also be checked periodically for cracks and it should be altered if it is damaged.

The chains or conveyor belts of these devices should also be checked and maintained regularly. The belts should be checked for wear and tear. It is important to add proper lubrication in these pulleys so that it functions smoothly.


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