Tuesday, November 5, 2013

5 Steps To Become a Tool and Die Maker

The tool and die making industry is one of the most blooming and profitable metalworking industries in the world today. Tool and die making machines need a thorough knowledge from expert engineers to get built, and therefore, need highly skilled professionals to handle them. If you do have a proper knowledge and prior experience, you must know that it's not that complex to work with these efficient machines.

But is it very difficult to make these machines? The answer to this question is: yes, it is pretty difficult. Well-experienced tool and die making engineers can design and make tools without any supervision. And this is the reason they are a tremendous asset in any manufacturing facility. So what will it take to become a great tool and die maker? If you are serious about taking up this profession, you should have a look at the following 5 steps:

#1. Basic Math Skills: Your addition, subtraction and division skills are important in this line of work. Moreover, you must also have a good knowledge of algebra which you will need while applying handbook formulas, and also a little trigonometry for finding the length of triangles and calculating bolt circles.

#2. Vocational Trade School: There are machining programs in vocational schools where you can apply. You can learn about the creation and interpretation of mechanical drawings. Make sure that the class you choose has good CNC (computer numerically controlled) and EDM (electrostatic discharge machining) programming courses.

#3. Apprentice Program: Join an apprentice program, as it will give you a hands-on training. As an apprentice, you will have to aid in tasks like deburring and drilling in the beginning. You will slowly learn about milling and grinding.

#4. Increase Your Knowledge: Have a talk with veteran tool and die makers on the Internet. There are various discussion forums, and you can make good use of them. These veterans are the best people to offer you tips and suggestions on your road ahead. You must also make it a point to read metalworking trade publications when you can manage some free time.

#5. Enhance Your Skills: If you plan to stay in this field of work, you need to enhance your skills. Once you get the Bachelor's degree from the vocational trade school, it is very easy to get a job as a supervisor in the manufacturing industry. This will definitely enhance your career as a prospective tool and die maker.

Keep these 5 steps in mind, and follow them diligently. They will surely become the paving stones of your career in the metalworking industry.

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