Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Custom Labeling Machines Crucial for Businesses - And 3 Tips to Buying One

Custom Labeling Machines can be extremely useful for small - and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations and groups that have specific needs when it comes to labeling. In any labeling machine, accuracy is an important element and companies realize this who offer customers unique and specifically designed labeling machines.

These include conical machines that include crescent shaped or curved labels as well as other multiple options. Custom machines are also available for products that are cylindrical and conical since a large number of manufacturers require a consistent and accurate way to label such products. By using a three roller mechanism and applying the labels in a synchronous fashion, product encapsulating labeling systems can work very well with such products.

Other custom labeling machines include Flag Systems that help adhere to a label on the product as well as around it. This type of label process is generally used on wires or tubes and in most cases the information is more than the size of the product. That is why there is a need to adhere the label around the product itself.

Horizontal Roller Systems are designed for products that have a small diameter and are very specific to the product that is being labeled. Multi-side systems are best suited for square or rectangular products as well as some odd-shaped products. They are effective when labeling is required on multiple sides of the product.

Top & Bottom Labeling Systems are designed to help label the top and product bottoms or c-wrap labels around products. Tamp & Wipe Labeling is ideal for contoured or irregular surfaces and can reduce the risks of errors or imperfections, such as wrinkles and air bubbles.

Vacuum belt wrap systems are also quite efficient with high speed and versatility and are useful when labeling cylindrical and conical shaped products. Vertical Trunion Labeling Systems are used to apply labels around cylindrical products. They are very fast and help avoid label skewing.

With that being said, here are three important tips for purchasing customized labeling machines.


If you're in business then you already understand how important a budget is. The same can be applied when acquiring custom labeling equipment. Depending on the type of machine and its feature, a company spend as little as $200 to as high as $10,000 (sometimes even more.)


What exactly are your company's labeling needs? How many labeled units do you need completed each day? Is there enough space for your labeling machine? These are essential questions to ask yourself when shopping around for a labeling machine. The prices and selection of machines can vary depending on you and your firm's needs.


During the inquiry process, it would be best to compare all of the machines. By comparing the machines, you'll know exactly which one matches your budget and labeling needs. Each machine has an array of different features and may provide only half of what you need the machine for - or may offer more than what you need.

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