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Best 7 Foods to Eat for Natural Cellulite Removal

Cottage Cheese Thighs, Orange Peel Skin or the Cellulite refers to fat deposits just below the skin, generally in the abdomen and lower pelvic region- thighs, buttocks and hips. A vast majority would cringe on even hearing this word, reason they all have it and all of them want to get rid of cellulite as soon as possible.

Deposition of cellulite is majorly due to hormonal reasons, bad lifestyle choices and poor diet. Age and genetic predisposition are also two important factors. But you can get rid of Cellulite. All you have to do is make some changes in your lifestyle and you would be ready to flaunt those sexy beautiful legs. Cellulite removal becomes simple when you eat the right way!

Here I have enlisted some food items that you must include in your diet to get rid of cellulite. Just follow these simple steps and cellulite would no longer be a problem in your life.

Natural cellulite removal with foods that banish cellulite

Water. That's right its as simple as it can get. Having lots of water can prove to be the magical weapon for losing Cellulite. Water would help you detoxify and flush harmful toxins out of your body. Cellulite consists of a large amount of toxins that collects as fat deposits in your skin. Water would help you lose it the natural way. Thus have at least 2-3 liters of water each day. Ad some lemon juice to it - this is the best cellulite removal tip ever!

Change your Salt. Replace your refined salt with either Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Crystal Salt. These are less acidic and doesn't leach out minerals from the body as in the case of Refined Salt. Also refined salt is much more dehydrating which actually leads to accumulation of Cellulite in the body. So say no to refined salt.

Green is the Way. Green tea is often associated with weight loss and is a very effective anti-oxidant. Less fats and very efficient in reducing the levels of toxicity makes it a perfect choice. It not only helps to get rid of Cellulite but also a very good source for increasing energy expenditure. Three cups of green tea a day should be a must.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Being alkaline in nature, fruits and vegetables helps to detoxify the skin. They magnetize the acidic toxins in the cellulite and force them out of the body. But you should gradually increase your fresh produce consumption so that you don't magnetize a larger amount of toxins than your body can remove. Otherwise it would circulate and get resettled in your body.

Natural Herbs. Green and natural herbs can help you cut out on Cellulite deposition from your skin. They boost circulation and reduce fluid retention, thereby helping in detoxification. Try out some Dandelion leaves in a salad or make a juice. Ginkgo Biloba, prepared from leaves of ginkgo tree, is another good option to Get rid of Cellulite from butt, legs and thighs.

Only Healthy Fats. Replace saturated fats with healthy unprocessed fats in your diet. This improves blood circulation that actually prevents Cellulite deposition in the skin. Fish, Fish Oils and Flaxseed are rich source of healthy fats. Nuts also help for the same.

Loads of Anti-Oxidants. One of the most important and efficient way of losing cellulite from the body is by having a diet loaded with a large amount of anti-oxidants. Anti-Oxidants is your primary weapon against toxins. They neutralize toxins in the skin and thus prevents cellulite buildup. Have berries, acai and citrus fruits that are a very high source of anti-oxidants.

Make these simple yet important changes to your diet and cellulite would no longer be an issue in your life. So get up and get rid of that Cellulite and have that sexy well toned legs that you always dreamed about.

I've struggled with cellulite for more than 2 years, tried everything to get rid of it... After many failures, I managed to get rid of all my cellulite naturally in just 2 months: doing coffee ground wraps daily, eating a diet based on raw veggies and a source of lean protein and drinking lots of water with lemon. On my site: Cellulite Diet tips, I share for free, my story, my daily anti cellulite routine I followed for 2 months and my mistakes. Also a great ebook " 7 Secrets to banish cellulite at home". Just go and get them here: The anti cellulite story

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