Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Printing On The Move

Every business knows that flexibility is the key to success. This article looks at mobile printing in an increasingly mobile world.

When computing became popular so did the need for printed documents. However, in times gone by you could only have one cumbersome printer for each computer. Needless to say the larger firms found this an expensive situation to be in because not only did they need to buy the equipment, there was the implication of the associated costs, such as the floor space needed and the consumables, of having more than one.

As technology evolved, the creation of physical networks improved efficiency and reduced the number of machines needed and saved money, because several computers could send work to one printer as long as they were connected with cables.

This was not enough for the innovators of new information management technology and along came wireless internet, it seems a short jump from wireless keyboards and mice to wireless printers. This then took another leap forward as mobile phones became more and more advanced and Apps were developed to manage everything from social media marketing, photos and even office document software.

The Cloud has gone on to replace the cabled networks. It is a virtual place that consists of computer networks that allow you to use the internet to, amongst other things, print out your documents from mobile devices.

This idea is not brand new. In 2011 there was a study that identified two types of mobile printing. Peer to Peer, which is when the device has to be linked with the multi-functional printer or stand-alone unit. Using The cloud, any device can access the secure virtual network as long as the user can input the correct passwords.

This type of office solution is usually suitable for Android devices that are based in Linux, or iOS environments. When you download the App, you can print and scan documents from your secure network and you no longer need to be within the Wi-Fi range of your printer because the virtual network allows you to be thousands of miles away. After you hit the "Print" button on your phone or iPad, the document arrives neatly printed in the office ready for your colleague to pick up and distribute.

There will always be a back up of your work when you use the Cloud, because as long as you have the correct logins you can access your area with any mobile device, or even a more traditional desktop PC.

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