Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why You Should Go For Gu10 Led Bulbs?

The first light bulb was invented in the 18th Century. Since then, Research and Development has started and innovations have been done to make lighting more efficient. In all these years, the consumption of electricity and getting maximum efficiency were the major centers of attention. Till today efforts are being put all over the world to combat the greenhouse emissions by reducing the carbon footprint in every possible manner.

Incandescent lamps have been used for centuries everywhere. But, the major drawback associated with them was the high amount of heat generated. A high percentage of input power used to get wasted as heat, which pointed out towards weak efficiency. Since, Lighting expenses comprise around 40% of our total monthly bill, these figures are enough to understand the importance of making a positive change by consumers.

Lighting has become a necessary part of our life and we cannot expect our lives without it. So, one thing is sure that instead of controlling our requirements, we should focus on the operation of lights itself. Consequently, Compact Fluorescent lights were introduced in the market. They were launched as the replacement for incandescent light. But, their long-term usage effects were neglected. CFL's contain poisonous mercury, which makes their disposal risky. So, instead of solving the problem at hand, they created another one. Moreover, they lose their brightness over time and are vulnerable towards the constant switch on/off.

After years of research, Scientists found that Light Emitting Diodes are capable to become the most efficient lighting in the future. LED consist of diodes, which produce light with negligible heat. Hence, the power fed into them produces an equivalent brightness instead of being lost as heat. CFL lamps are in the process of phasing out and in order to make this transition easy; LED lights with similar fitting requirements have been introduced.

One of the widely accepted type of light is GU10 lamp. They are dual pin, turn lock type. The Global acceptance made these bulbs very common. Nowadays, LED GU10 bulbs are available which can replace conventional lights without any need of amendments. The most amazing thing about these bulbs is the variety in color and brightness levels. Also, as far as wattage is concerned, they possess very low values. Wattage represents the power consumption required for operation. While, incandescent bulbs and CFL lights have wattage values lying between 11 watts to 60 watts, GU10 LED Light Bulbs, consume 4 to 6 watts only.

They can be used for indoor as well as outdoor. Having long life span of around 50,000 hours, they are perfect choice for outdoor illumination to ward off unwanted individuals from your Property. Besides, saving your valuable money in the form of reduced electricity bills, they can be used anywhere from kitchen, desk to decorating your hallway and living room.

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